Introducing myself

I’m a Christian, I take the Bible literally, I’m a 6 Day Young Earth Creationist. I don’t Identify myself with any Denomination, I believe in Universal Salvation.

I do not believe Homosexuality is a Sin, I’ve studied all the Bible verses cited as claiming that, and their only condemning certain Pagan practices. Even Pre-Marital sex all together I do not believe is as condemned as people assume.

I’m very into Anime, my favorites being Noir and Lucky Star.

I love reading books, including Comic Books. I like Video Games but mostly Nintendo. I consider The Dark Knight the greatest movie ever made.

This is my BlogSpot Blog

This is my Twitter!/JaredMithrandir

This is my Tumblr
This is my Youtube Channel
This is my Mibba
This is my DeviantArt
This is my FictionPress
This is my FanFiction
This is the Shadowmen forum I created
And this is it’s Tumblr


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