Introducing myself

I’m a Christian, I take the Bible literally, I’m a 6 Day Young Earth Creationist. I don’t Identify myself with any Denomination, I believe in Universal Salvation.

I do not believe Homosexuality is a Sin, I’ve studied all the Bible verses cited as claiming that, and their only condemning certain Pagan practices. Even Pre-Marital sex all together I do not believe is as condemned as people assume.

I’m very into Anime, my favorites being Noir and Lucky Star.

I love reading books, including Comic Books. I like Video Games but mostly Nintendo. I consider The Dark Knight the greatest movie ever made.

This is my Blogger Profile

This is my Tumblr
This is my Youtube Channel
This is my Twitter!/JaredMithrandir
This is my Mibba
This is my DeviantArt
This is my FictionPress
This is my FanFiction
This is the Shadowmen forum I created
And this is it’s Tumblr


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